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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Stew Cubes

You won’t find more flavorful cuts of stew cubes than the grass-fed, pasture-finished ones offered by Acabonac Farms. Precut, tender and delicious, our stew cubes also work great for burgers, tacos and kabobs.

For stew, our tender cubes combine with whatever ingredients you like, including traditional favorites like potatoes, carrots and onions. Our beef provides the key ingredient for a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs stew.

Our stew cubes are pure meat with only a small amount of fat. Their rich flavor works well with many different dishes. They are also rich in collagen, which breaks down while cooking, giving the stew meat even more taste and texture, as well as the health benefits of collagen.

When you order from Acabonac Farms, you get stew cubes that are nutrient-dense and free of hormones and antibiotics. Our cattle roam pastures near the ocean on Long Island, eating only local grasses. The result is one of the purest cuts of beef you will ever enjoy.

When you order from us, we deliver your stew cubes directly to your door, flash frozen and ready for cooking.