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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Bavette Steak

The Bavette steak offers fajita lovers another great option. Cut from the sirloin primal cut, the Bavette steak is similar to the flank and skirt steaks that also work well in making fajitas. But the Bavette has a bolder, beefy flavor.

We believe that healthy animals make for healthy meat, which is why our Bavette steak is unlike any other you can order. We raise 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished cattle who are never given hormones or antibiotics. That means you’re Bavette steak from Acabonac Farms will be a pure cut of nutrient-dense, flavorful beef.

The Bavette is perfect for marinating and grilling for use in your favorite fajita recipe. It also goes great with cooked vegetables as part of a kabob. But the Bavette has enough mouth-watering taste to serve on its own with your favorite sides.

When you order from Acabonac Farms, your Bavette steaks is shipped directly to your door, flash frozen and ready to cook.