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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Denver Steak

The Denver steak cut from Acabonac Farms is well-marbled and tender, with a bold, beefy flavor. Taken from the Chuck (shoulder) primal cut known as the source for tender roasts, the Denver steak has increasingly become a favorite for steak lovers due to its marbling, flavor and versatility.

Denver steaks take a marinade well, so they are perfect for immersing in a marinade and then throwing on the grill over medium-high heat. They also cool well when pan-seared in a skillet. To promote tenderness when serving, cut against the grain. The Denver cut is perfect to serve on its own with your favorite sides. It’s also a great cut for making stir fry or dressing up a steak salad.

You’ll taste the difference with a Denver steak from Acabonac Farms. All our cattle are raised on pastures near the ocean on Long Island, eating only local grasses. We never give our cattle hormones or antibiotics, and we use sustainable farming practices that protect the local environment.

Order from us and you’ll get your nutrient-rich, delicious Denver steaks delivered directly to your door.