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Cow / Calf Producers

Acabonac Farms is looking to grow its network of cow / calf producers in the Northeast. Because we finish our cattle on local pasture we do not target the same genetics that are most suitable for a grain finishing program.

We are looking to buy cattle in the Northeastern United States that meet the following criteria:

  • Small to moderate framed feeder cattle (450 to 800 lbs) – steers (castrated) and heifers (open) with a target finishing weight of 1,100 lbs or less
  • English breeds (e.g., Angus, Devon, Hereford)
  • No grain supplementation, growth hormones or other medical intervention to alter the animals growth profile as intended by nature
  • Comprehensive birth and health records for all cattle
  • Producers that are skilled, passionate, honest and looking to grow with Acabonac Farms

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