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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished NY Strip Steak


This is an Acabonac Farms favorite. The New York Strip offers everything a steak lover wants from a top-shelf cut of steak. It’s tender, flavorful, well-marbled, juicy and versatile. You can grill a New York Strip, broil or pan-sear it - it will taste fantastic with whatever method you choose.

As with all great steak cuts, it can stand alone, get sliced thin and used in a sandwich or even used to make a high-quality steak salad. It’s a steak you find in the best steak restaurants, and with good reason. But cooking one for yourself at home is even better, especially using fresh, flavorful grass-fed beef.

With Acabonac Farms, you get the added benefit of eating a New York Strip from grass-fed, pasture-finished cattle who are never given antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. Our cattle are raised on a sustainable farm that values and protects the local environment.

When you order from Acabonac Farms, your beef arrives quickly and is conveniently delivered directly to your door.