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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Tri Tip Steak

The trip tip steak is a lean cut of beef, but that doesn’t take away from its rich beef flavor and tenderness. A popular choice for those who want a leaner cut of beef, the tri tip steak is taken from the sirloin primal, which is home to many great cuts of meat.

Sometimes called the triangle steak or Santa Maria steak, the tri tip steak is a well-marbled, great little steak to serve as a main dish all on its own. It’s a perfect cut for grilling, but also is good pan-seared in a skillet. The result is a tender, flavorful cut of beef with a buttery taste.

You’ll also see the tri tip steak used in marinade for recipes that include tacos or steak sandwiches.

When you order the tri tip steak from Acabonac Farms, you get 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef. We never feed our cattle antibiotics or steroids. You will taste the difference with our flavorful, nutrient-dense cuts of beef. Your order is shipped directly from our farm to your door, flash frozen and ready for cooking.