Pasture-Finished Tri Tip Steak

Pasture-Finished Tri Tip Steak

Cut from the Sirloin, our Tri Tip Steak is also known as a triangle steak or a Santa Maria steak, is tender and has a rich flavor.  This is a great little steak.



We are proud to use eco-friendly packaging.

Our grass fed beef is shipped in an insulated mylar shopping bag on your first order. It is delivered to your door perfectly frozen using a combination of dry ice, non-toxic gel ice packs and a green cell foam insulated cooler. All of this is carefully packaged in a sturdy box made from recycled cardboard.


The outer cardboard box can be recycled


Reusable insulated mylar bag and ice packs


Once it has been taken out of the plastic casing, the corn starch based green cell foam insulation can be composted or dissolved in water.