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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Sirloin Cap Steak

The sirloin primal cut of beef provides tender, lean steak with great value. The sirloin cap steak is no exception. Sometimes called the Coulette Steak, our sirloin cap steak is so juicy and flavorful that it does not need any added flavor. However, it can take a marinade well if you go that route.

Taken from the sirloin just over the top sirloin, the sirloin cap steak works as the main course in a meal served with roasted potatoes or your favorite vegetables. It also works well when cut into cubes for kabobs or stews, or used in stir fry. It’s also a cut you’ll find in many steak sandwich recipes.

When you order the sirloin cap steak from Acabonac Farms, you get 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished beef. We never add hormones or antibiotics, or feed our cattle grains. You’ll taste the difference from the meat you get from industrial farms, and you’ll also get the added health benefits of grass-fed beef.

All orders ship directly to your house, flash frozen and ready for cooking.