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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished London Broil

The London Broil at Acabonac Farms is taken from the round primal cut. Despite the name, the London Broil is an American classic, everyday steak. It’s a term that describes a way to prepare a steak: marinate for hours to pack it with flavor, then broil in the oven and serve with your favorite sides.

A lean, thick cut of beef, the London Broil became one of the first famous steaks in American history. It’s always been a great way to get a hearty steak dinner out of an economical cut of meat. You can also grill a London Broil. It’s a great to cook with because it takes on the flavor of your marinade along with a bold, beefy taste.

The Acabonac Farms team enjoyed lots of London Broils growing up and we can speak to their deliciousness. Of course, when you order from us, you’re guaranteed a London Broil that comes from 100% grass-fed, pasture-finished cattle raised on the fields of Long Island. You’ll taste the difference and you’ll also benefit from our nutrient-rich cuts of meat.

When you order from us, we deliver your London Broil directly to your door, flash frozen and ready for cooking.