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Grass-Fed Pasture-Finished Ribeye (Bone In) Steak

Those who love steak have a special appreciation for the ribeye. Marbled to perfection, tender and buttery, the ribeye provides the perfect steak for any occasion.

The Ribeye cut comes from the subprimal section of the rib called the Prime Rib, which is what gives the ribeye its name. The bone-in ribeye enhances this cut’s already savory flavor and juiciness. For many steak aficionados, the bone-in version of the ribeye is the only way to go.

Bold in flavor, the ribeye works perfectly well all on its own. It cooks well when grilled, pan-seared or broiled. This steak lover’s steak can get paired with any kind of side. But true fans think of it as a meal all on its own.

As with all cuts from Acabonac Farms, our bone-in ribeye comes from cattle who are never fed hormones or antibiotics. They roam pastures near the ocean on Long Island, eating a diet that consists of grass and foliage. We use sustainable farming practices that protect and improve our community’s environment.

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